We created The Coindexer out of personal need. We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and would rather own the whole market than spend time choosing slices.

We don't trust existing funds (and don't like their fees), and wanted a tool to tell us where/when/how much to rebalance - that tool is The Coindexer.
You do. We're provide the list of trades to balance your portfolio to your target index.
We create them based on a survey of the broader market of available crypto indexes. Our goal is to provide a diverse set of indexes to allow crypto investors to 'own the market' on their terms.
Yes! The initial rebalance between your portfolio and a target index is free (but temporary).
We're still figuring that out. We may charge for additional value-added services. In the meantime, tips are appreciated - enjoy the service and let us know how we can improve!
Yes! If you use CoinFYI to share your portfolio, you can share a portfolio view that only has percentage allocation. This will let you keep your total portfolio value a secret. However, the trade recommendations will only be in percentages rather than coin quantities.
On CoinFYI:
When viewing your portfolio, look for the gear icon on the top right and go to the sharing menu. You'll be given the option to select which columns to share - make sure the Show holdingsunchecked, but make sure Show Allocation of holdings is checked.
  1. Coindexer will immediately grab your portfolio holdings from your portfolio URL.
  2. Coindexer will then figure out the optimal trading paths to rebalance your portfolio to match the given crypto index.
  3. After that, Coindexer will continue to notify you about rebalancing actions on the frequency of your choosing.
You can choose between daily, weekly, biweeklyormonthly.
We plan on launching other index compositions and allocation strategies. Email us what you'd like to see.